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Carol Purvis, a primary school teacher, is our newest Frame Love spotlight.
Around the time that Mrs. Purvis’ granddaughter,  Ashley,  was graduating to become a primary school teacher, Carol was going through some old things.  She came upon an old purse that  the girls would take to church to busy themselves.  Inside were some crayons with “Ashley” on them, and a colored page carefully folded.  She remembered that Ashley loved to color.  She thought she must have a photo of her coloring at her house, and she found one! 
Mrs. Purvis knew she had the makings of a perfect gift.  She brought her precious items, along with some ideas, to us.  Together we came up with a great presentation.

My Mom purchased watercolor original prints from an aspiring artist 25 years ago and we found them recently, tucked away, forgotten in a closet. I took them to Hampton House and had them framed and gave them to her this year for Christmas and she LOVED them! The Hampton House staff helped me select the perfect matting and frame and these will be treasures in our home forever! Thanks Hampton House!
Kay Calzolari


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